Whynter WC-211DZ 21 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler Review

It is an excellent device for home wine storage. Using thermoelectric technology it provides quiet and proper cooling in two separate temperature zones.

People who like collecting wine and like to feel the deepest flavor and taste which good wine provides often have a problem with a place where their wine collection may be kept. Keeping wine in the kitchen or even in a bar may cause some changes in its taste as the temperature and humidity of a usual room and of a kitchen, especially, may badly influence the quality of wine. If the temperature is not high enough the taste becomes weaker, and if it is too high wine may become sourer. To solve the problem there are special devices called wine coolers. There you may storage your wine without danger to spoil it. One of the best of such devices is Whynter WC-211DZ 21 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel Trimmed Glass Door with Black Cabinet.

Not only the device provides proper temperature for your wine collection but its main advantage is its two separate temperature zones for different kinds of wine which need different temperatures for storage like white and red wines. The upper zone can be cooled up to 44-66F, and the lower zone can be 50-66F. On the upper level shelves you can keep up to 6 bottles while the lower zone may contain 15 bottles, so on the whole you can keep about 21 bottles of your favorite wine in this wine cooler.

The device uses thermoelectric cooling system which provides more comfort for you as it doesn’t contain many moving details. All in all, the only moving parts of this system are fans which are necessary to make the cool spread evenly along the cooler. Providing non-moving parts excludes vibrations which are usually caused by trembling parts of devices so your bottles won’t be damaged. Also, such cooling system is silent and the device can be used at any place in your house without bothering you by noise. The thermoelectric technology used in this design doesn’t use CFCs and saves the environment from ozone depleting.

The device is easy to control and use. There are special shelves in each zone which are made of stainless steel. They are trimmed and scalloped and can be removed so that you can gently remove some unnecessary shelves or add some if there is a need. The temperature in both zones of the device can be adjusted. For this purpose there is an enhanced LCD temperature display for each zone which allows controlling the temperature constantly. When you turn the device on you at once see a soft LED light which will let you see all the bottles in the device and decide on one you want to try out today.

The device has classic design that will go well with any room, whether it is a kitchen or a living room.


We highly recommend you Whynter WC-211DZ 21 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel Trimmed Glass Door with Black Cabinet which is made for your convenience and provides proper cooling of about 21 bottles of wine simultaneously. It features quiet and environmentally safe work for a long time.

Product description:

  • A wine cooler with thermoelectric cooling system
  • 2 temperature zones for storage of red and white wines
  • Contains 6 bottles in the upper zone and 15 in the lower one
  • Temperature in the lower part varies from 50 to 66F, in the upper one – 44-66F
  • Measures 21.7 x 13.4 x 32.5 inches


  • Two temperature zones provide more efficient storage
  • Works quietly
  • Environment-safe
  • 6 removable shelves
  • Easy control system
  • Interior LED light


  • Shelves may not accommodate some of the bottles of unusual form